Product Photography Pricing $250

Up to one half (1/2) hour of photography on your project individual color and cropping adjustments to each photo dvd of high quality files (digital negatives)online gallery of photos to share with colleagues & customers feature placement on my blog

Pricing for product photography is typically based on the number of hours required to photograph your individual items. Each additional hour beyond the first half (1/2) hour is billed at $250 per hour. Fees related to photographic publication rights, distribution, retouching, and color correction will be included in this hourly rate and are negotiated on a per-project basis. Clipping services are available at rates ranging from $15 - $30 per photo. For information on a product (s) photography estimates, please submit a Request a Qoute form below.

Product Photography Estimates

The estimates presented here assume that I'll be photographing non-reflective products from a single angle on a white background using standard product lighting configuration. Multiple angles may also be accommodated in the same time period assuming the product can be moved without the need for exact rotation angles. Some products require more time to photograph than other products. Any product with a highly reflective surface, like jewelry, or any clear product like glassware, requires signuficate special lighting techniques and will often take significantly more time to photograph than typical products.

In most cases, one (1) to three (5) products can be photographed for within an hour time frame.

Please remember that every product photography session is different and it's difficult to provide generic estimates that cover every situation. Therefore, if you're in need of a product photographer, please give me a call so I can provide you with an estimate specific to your project.

Free | Basic Retouching

Basic retouching and color-correction is included in the price. All images will be brought to a clean full white around the product. This makes it suitable for sites like Amazon and websites.

High Resolution Files Included

Our files are large enough for most print uses and more than large enough for all web uses. Files can be downloaded, retouched, and resized to whatever size you need.

Free | Unlimited Usage Agreement

Many photographers will control your use of the images. With the exception of Third Party Use, we allow you to use the images for whatever promotional/advertising purpose you want.

Easy To Use Online Gallery

Free online proofing and download of all the images from our easy to use gallery site. Images can be download in a number of jpeg resolutions.

Amazing Customer Service

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Pricing is subject to change. 48 hour notice of cancellation and must reschedule session at time of cancellation. Session fees are based on session time, processing and editing of photos. Must agree to terms and conditions.